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An internationally renown and award winning social enterprise, Camp Mahon is the SEANET's program that practically addresses the youths' joblessness, hopelessness and apathy.

The camp is recommended for educational tours, retreats, picnics etc.


The camp comprises a tented camp (6 roofed tents with a maximum capacity of 9 people each), large manicured grass lawns for open camping, mature flower gardens and nature trails etc.

It also boasts of a simple cottage food industry training model, a live open-air birdlife "classroom’’, a raised hall, indoor games, botanical gardens with annotated vegetation, park benches, large, clean and spacious washrooms with hot water, roofed bonfire/kitchen, playing field, bicycling etc.

The camp and the egardens concept were recently applauded by the United Kingdom MPs, royalty, students and corporate leaders during a live presentation in the Central Hall of the Westminster Houses of Parliament.


  • A unique camping experience for self reliance
  • Acquisition of life skills for those transiting from schools, colleges and universities to the real work environment with special reference to semi-skills training on food processing, packaging, branding and marketing etc.
  • Career guidance and talks by invited practicing professionals including ICT specialists, doctors, lawyers, bankers, counselors, religious leaders, social entrepreneurs, innovators etc.
  • The camp also offers a fertile base for those who wish to carry out studies related to youth unemployment challenges in these times of globalization and climate change.
  • Other camp activities include arranged day trips to Mt Kenya, Aberdares, Sweet Waters and Mau Mau caves.


Camp Mahon social enterprise is the second level and the integration phase of the award winning e-Gardens and Cottage Food Industries model that has excelled over the years as follows:

  • Won America’s National Peace Corps Association ‘Best Ideas for Africa Contest’ that was widely publicized by Voice of America (2009)
  • Won French-American Social Justice Award for our ‘ePeacebuilding’ concept (2010)
  • Highly Commended Finalist (google-search ‘’seanet egardening’’), Water and Food Award, Westminster London (2014)
  • Invitee for the launching of Brussels Pledge to Peace for United Kingdom and Northern Ireland at the Gladstone Committee Room, House of Commons, June 17th, 2014
  • Nominated Signatory of the Pledge to Peace at the Atlee Committee Room of the House of Lords, London (2014)
  • Nominated and featured in the UN documentary, ‘Exceptional Pioneers’, that was aired live world wide from New York on UN Peace Day, September 21st, 2014. Others who featured include HRH Princess Basma of Jordan, immediate former UK Business Secretary Sir Dr. Vince Cable and Prem Rawat, Ambassador of the Pledge to Peace.
  • Studied by Researchers from Karatina University, the e-Gardens and Cottage Food Industries model was published in the International Journal for Computer Science, Information Technology and Security (August 2014).
  • The 100 Hours of the Chair of UK UNESCO Schools Paul Cable, states: ".... Brilliant physical solutions to water and food security already exist as shown by the work of the World Food Program, Mary’s Meals, Growing Power, SEANET, the PRI etc. What misses is enough care to dedicate resources to scale them’’, states the educationalist.
  • SEANET is also eGardens consultant for ENSO Change Maker  Schools of the family of Sir Dr Vince Cable that will soon start in Kenya and then spread to East Africa, West Africa and India.
  • SEANET has been nominated to represent NGO's in the Board of Directors of Kenya's statutory body, the Agricultural Information Resource Centre Nairobi.
  • The camp is therefore a unique consolidation, documentation and dissemination epicenter for inter-disciplinary best practice (BP) solutions for challenges on water, food, conflicts and unemployment. These BP’s have been sourced widely from schools (including London grammar schools), colleges and industries, locally and abroad including USA, Netherlands, Belgium, India etc.


Some of the many people spread worldwide who have personally commended the camp and the e-Gardens and Cottage Food Industries model include:

  • Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Binti Ali of Jordan.
  • President Humanitarian Water and Food Award, Tina Lindgreen of Denmark.
  • Chairman UK UNESCO Schools, who is also co-founder/CEO of 100 Hours & ENSO Change Maker Schools and CEO Quontum5. He is also the son of Rt. Hon Sir Dr Vince Cable (who was present), immediate former U.K Secretary of Business, Innovation and Enterprise.
  • Former vice president of International marketing at SYBASE Computers and founder One Dollar For Life students' organization and author of ‘The Best One Hour History Books Series’, Robert Freeman.
  • Prof Glaston Kenji, expert in Food Science and Post-Harvest Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
  • Linda Marie Santiago, formerly a director at Yahoo and now a director at VMWare; and Professor Doug Ernie, University of Minnesota who recently visited the camp.
  • Helle Solvang of Danish Broadcasting Corporation
  • Prof John Dennis Liu, Ecosystem Ambasandor at Commonland.


As a social enterprise, the camp is also a fundraising program for SEANET and Grace Mission Ensemble projects and programs. If you wish to visit or make any donations, you can contact us through the addresses here under.

You could sponsor a group of your choice to come and have an eGardens experience!

Camping and Picnic Fees:

Those able to pay will do so at the prevailing market rates.

 Those who can only partly pay will be subsidized.

Those unable to pay at all would be sponsored fully, courtesy of the donated funds/savings.

Donors are also encouraged to sponsor religious, educational, team building or holiday camps etc.


Camp Mahon is located on the Nyeri-Nanyuki (A2) Highway, 2km north of Nanyuki Airstrip and next to Delmonte Shops, at the Rongai River Bridge. It is also 7km south of Nanyuki and 300 meters south of Delta Petrol Station.

This base camp is also strategically placed for those who wish to pay quick visits to such other attractions as the African Bible on the Ground at the Nanyuki Monastry, William Holden Foundation, Mt. Kenya Game Ranch, Ol Jogi Conservancy, Ol Pejeta Conservacy, Mau Mau Caves or bicycling to Mt. Kenya forest etc.

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